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Judah is a group that is wholly dedicated to taking the gospel to the world in Word and Song. They combine their faith and talent to deliver the message of hope to their audiences across the nation.

Attending a Judah concert is like attending a revival meeting. Each song is delivered with conviction and great harmony. The listeners are on the edge of their seat as they listen to the Word in Song. The songs are mostly written by group members and are filled with hope, healing, salvation and a desire to please God.

The southern gospel group “JUDAH” is made up of three members. Rick Maharrey, formerly of “The Maharrey’s,” a young man destined to make his way in southern gospel music as both a writer and a great singer. He has mastered the bass guitar and song writing and has joined the ranks of up and coming male singers in the southern gospel and blue grass gospel fields. Brenda Gartrell is the pianist for the group, she sings and is also a songwriter. She will no doubt be a driving force in the future of southern gospel music. Deborah Maharrey, wife of Rickey Maharrey and daughter of Walter & Brenda Gartrell, is a beautiful young lady who has many talents. This young woman can play the drums, singing soprano and rock her baby at the same time. She has a strong voice and you will hear much from this young lady in the future. Their latest project entitled “It’s Shoutin Time” is available wherever fine Christian music is sold.

The group has received rave reviews from southern gospel greats Ben Speer, who states, “Your group really impresses me,” the first time he heard Judah. Steve Hurst has many good things to say about Judah but most recently he indicated, “This song is powerful” of Judah’s previous radio single “A Moment At His Feet” written by group member Rick Maharrey.

If you’ve never seen Judah in concert, make plans to attend a concert soon. With smooth as silk harmonies and toe tapping melodies, Judah is sure to raise the roof. They will take you to the four corners of the gospel music world, from blue grass to southern gospel and from contemporary to Christian country….there is something for everyone.

Rick MaHarrey

Birthday: 9/13

Family: Deborah MaHarrey (Wife) Ireland MaHarrey (Daughter, 6) Merecedes MaHarrey (Daughter, 10)

Nickname: Slick

Years Singing: 23

Favorite Singer: Russ Taff, Kenny Hinson, David Phelps

Favorite Group: The New Gaither Vocal Band

Favorite Song to Sing: That's When I Won't Love You Anymore

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah Chapter 58

Favorite Preacher: T.D. Jakes, Clint Brown, Rod Parsley, John Parish

Favorite Restaurant: Boiling Pot

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Favorite TV Show: Burn Notice, Lie To Me, NCIS

Favorite Food: Seafood

Deborah MaHarrey

Birthday: 8/15

Family: Brenda Gartell (Mother), Rick MaHarrey (Husband) Ireland MaHarrey (Daughter, 6) Merecedes MaHarrey (Daughter, 10)

Nickname: Sunshine

Years Singing: 35

Favorite Singer: Russ Taff, Kenny Hinson

Favorite Group: 33 Miles, Pocket Full of Rocks

Favorite Song to Sing: I Wept HIs Name

Favorite Scripture: Psalms 37:4

Favorite Preacher: Rick MaHarrey, Rod Parsley, TD Jakes, John Parish

Favorite Restaurant: LaHacienda (Milton, FL)

Favorite Movie: Meet The Parents

Favorite TV Show: Burn Notice

Favorite Food: Mexican

Mercedes MaHarrey

Birthday: 7/22

Family: Deborah MaHarrey (Mom), Rick MaHarrey (Dad), Ireland (Sister)

Nickname: Saidy

Years Singing: 10

Favorite Singer: Carrie Underwood

Favorite Group: 33 Miles

Favorite Song to Sing: This is My Temporary Home

Favorite Scripture: Phillippians 4:13

Favorite Preacher: Rick MaHarrey

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster

Favorite Movie: Anaconda

Favorite TV Show: Psych

Favorite Food: Shrimp Scampi



Ireland MaHarrey

Birthday: 3/19

Family: Deborah MaHarrey (Mom), Rick MaHarrey (Dad), Mercedes (Sister)

Nickname: Illey

Years Singing: 6

Favorite Singer: Nick Jonas

Favorite Group: Jonas Bros

Favorite Song to Sing: This is the Stuff that Drive Me Crazy

Favorite Scripture: John 3:16

Favorite Preacher: Rick MaHarrey

Favorite Restaurant: Boiling Pot

Favorite Movie: Aquamarine

Favorite TV Show: H20

Favorite Food:Shrimp